GCH Jewellery And Watches sells fine jewellery and luxury watches at discounted prices. All jewellerry pieces contain real gemstones and not fake or lab created gemstones. Therefore, all metals are genuine and not plated. Find great bargains here.

Jewellery that contains precious gemstones and metals can be defined as fine jewellery. It also has a higher level of craftmanship and lasts longer, not mass produced by a machine and made with care. It also costs more. Traditionally fine jewellery gemstones are diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Over the years other gemstones were added like aquamarine, tanzanite, pearls and jade. Examples of precious metals are gold, platinum and silver. 

Luxury watches have a high level of craftsmanship, aesthetic appeal and style and are works of art. It is superior in comfort, taste, function and refinement. It is desirable, expensive and aspirational.

We mainly cater to South Africans. A shipping fee of R150 for delivery in South Africa applies while for all other countries it is R450. We are not manufacturers jewellery and watches, but we sell quality products to the public.